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Jun 18, 2010
1990s bottom of the barrel Skoda hatchback was even capable of 160 with a little space on the limitless highways. Even a lot of early 2000's I4 vehicles USDM/JDM like sunfires and such can reach 140-150ish without much effort but power out around 180 if they don't have speed limiters (Cavalier is limited lower than the Sunfire for some reason even though basically the same car under the body work).

Supposedly the 2001 530i in the garage (still torn apart) is will on the other hand supposedly easily do 220 and the speed limiter is somewhere closer to 250 and that only the I6 variant of the car, don't know what the top speed of the V8 variants are. If i keep the car long term I'll probably re-gear the rear end to bring the top speed down and improve the acceleration. Seems to be considered basically one of the biggest bang for your buck modifications to the I6 cars. I expect a semi modern Audi to have similar speed ranges unless it has been re-geared for the NA market.
Oh my TDI can go a lot faster than 150, it is more you can accidentally hit that without really noticing.

And I guess you can get some decent speeds with the ~95 HP of an MGB but you know when you are going fast. You can get thrill of speed without actually breaking the limit. My brother still has a first year MG Midget and you feel like you are flying at 80km/h.

EDIT: Looked it up and the 1970 VW has the 1600cc Type 1 engine good for about 40 HP. That more than 200 HP less than my Odyssey van.
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