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The Witcher 4


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Apr 13, 2008
Edmonton, AB
Cyberpunk was fun. And despite everything it was a commercial success. I'm going to guess that the expansion will be large, maybe not as large as blood and wine, but still really big compared to pretty much anything out there.

As for the next Witcher game, yes it is unreal, but no it will not be Epic exclusive (they have already said it will not be on only one store. Plus they have GOG.

Frankly I very much dislike Epic with regards to their store and its practices, but you can't deny the unreal engine can produce some very nice looking stuff. But lets face it that new Witcher game is years away still.


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Jun 11, 2010
613 Ontario
Like Sagath said keeping expectations low is key, there's nothing worse than being let down by setting a bar too high, I think we've all been there.
in fact the industry as a whole could learn from that sentiment. Perfect example is CP2077, making promises so high then struggling to keep even the most basic, that's how I felt at least. But many developers have tried to 'break the mold' or whatever, only to cut plans or parts of the game later.
@Lysrin ... we should make a bet Witcher 4 comes out before StarCitizen is in full release!

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