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Thinking on replacing my 2nd HDD with a SSD


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I was looking at the WD Blue SN550 1tb. It would be strictly used for games. Any opinions?
Late to this thread @Ernimus Prime but I'll comment anyway. The bait and switch that has been happening with SSDs is bad. You always want to get what you paid for so do your research as you are doing on here. But even a slower SSD is going to be faster than a spin drive and plenty fast for games I would think. I still run newer AAA games off my larger SATA SSDs and it works great. Games benefit from SSD speeds but in my experience it has never been a huge difference; more of a nice-to-have difference rather than an essential one.

In terms of size get the biggest that fits in your budget obviously, especially for games. I have 2TB SATA SSD and when I got it I said "Man! Amazing! That'll take forever to fill!" But no... lol it's almost full all the time. You just have select which games to leave on there. You can't play them all at the same time anyway ;)
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