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Third Party News/Reviews Posting Guidelines


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Apr 11, 2008
In order to hopefully provide a better system for readers and browsers of this forum section, we would appreciate it if those posting news from third party websites (ie. not Hardware Canucks) could follow the following outline on how to appropriately post their information.

Please keep in mind that Hardware Canucks collects reviews from around the web on a daily basis, so articles posted by a web review website should show up on the homepage within 24 hours.


Titles should include the full description of the article contained inside. This may either be paraphrased in your own words, or using the title of the article on the website.
You MUST also include the source of where the article is from at the END of the title and using box brackets []. Use abbreviations for well know publications.

Example: This is the full title of the article [HardwareCanucks]


For the body, provide a snippet of the introduction or the main "synopsis" of the article. Something that captures what the article, review or news story is about.

Place this in [QUOTE ] [/QUOTE ] tags at the beginning. You will find these on your message tool bar, the little chat bubble. If these interfere with links or something in the quote, you may leave them out, however it is preferred

Following the snippet, provide a link to the specific article at the source. This is a MUST

Hopefully this will help to give a more uniform look to the Reviews & Articles from the Web section and make it a bit easier for everyone to get the information they need.

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