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Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs


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Mar 15, 2010
Sherbrooke, Qc
I have used venture for years, but now I've moved to EST.
If you do have a business registration number, it's very interesting.

For example, from Montréal to Halifax, express post, 501g, #0 envelope.

Post office : 12.83
Venture : 11.13
EST 7.15
(+ fuel and tax)

In addition to all the free packaging stuff you can get from Canada Post, when you're a vst customer, you can get your thermal label, in package of 4000, for free. That cost hundred normally, so once again you're saving.

But the thing I do to save lots of money when I ship things, it's to check the Expected Delivery date.
You can track this one if you want to see, on canadapost.ca : 0276 4720 0025 9817

In this case we can see that the package have been delivered fast. But sometimes, It's delivered after the date, you can simply claim a refund on the shipping price. (like this one CE 539 493 490 CA, 6 days expected.. saved 52$ :) )

I do the same with each priority package. Because it's Next AM, when it's not, refund :)
I claim about 5 package on each 100.

Also, if you want to save money, check the weight. Within Canada, it's not to important.
For Airplane small packet, to USA, we have a price gap at 0-150g. 151-500g, 501g-1000g.. around 2.11$, 6.94$, 9.21, 12.50.. so not so alarming.

BUT, outside Canada-USA, it's almost double!

Example: France, Airmail small packet

250g : 8.23
251g : 16.47
500g : 16.47
501g : 32.29
1000g : 32.29
1001g : 50.44 At this point, take the express post, that is : 5 business days (Guaranteed), if not delivered on time, refund! :)

So if you want to save, you have to check maximum weights and lengths for Canada, US, and international. Just ask the pamphlet at the post office, it's very detailed :)

So before print my stamps and label, I check the weight. Remember that a sheet a paper is about 4g, carton box ares heavy, padded envelope not, but more fragile.. So sometimes I cut one off the four panel of a carton box, to drop under 2500g, then it's cost me 65$ less, then I sent a 55$ refund to my customer. Customer is very happy, I did a little more profit in my product, and he will buy from me again. Or if you want, with VST you can hide the shipping cost on the label, and keep it all. But it's up to you :p

Try to find the perfect shipping material that suit your needs, at the end off the line, you save lots!
I also use special foam to fill the space inside a case, to avoid the GPUs and CPU radiator to be damage when shipped, because we all know that who matters you choose to ship your item, large box ares often damaged. Ask Rodney Raynolds :) The foam is inside a elastic bag, so take 3 seconds to remove.
(oh I can't post the link :) level 0! )

Those things ares pretty expensive but never got problem with damaged products from an 6000km and over shipment.
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Feb 26, 2007
Well yes. EST is part of the Venture One account, no?


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Mar 15, 2010
Sherbrooke, Qc
Not exactly, you need a VentureOne account + a business profile, that comes with a contract.
Volume-Based Commercial Customer
To qualify for a volume-based commercial agreement for domestic parcels you need to make a minimum of 750 parcel shipments per year.
After one or two phone-meeting, a fax and spoke-man-representative visit, your're in business. After this PostCanada becomes your best friend, calling me each 2 week to see if I need any support or feedback ^^

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