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Tomato: Which wireless router mode?


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Jun 5, 2010
I have a Linksys WRT54GL using Tomato ver 1.28. I used it at my previous place to receive the house's wireless network from the DSL router. Worked fine for two years and I configured it. Swear it was set as AP using WPA2 Personal.

Moved and can't get this to work. Main problem is landlord won't allow me to connect to the main wireless router nor turn off security as he would have to reset all his devices. In Tomato under Tools>wireless site survey, our network shows (listed under capabilities) "infra wep shortslot". But Windows definitely shows us using WPA2 PSK and AES and I can surf using an older nic.

In trying to config this, in security settings I get a message/error stating Tomato (version 1.28) can only use WPA2 in AP mode. Q1: Without rehashing the various modes, can I use AP mode if what I want is to use the Tomato router as a wireless client that I then wire to my PC?

The steps I see to set for AP tell me to use Type: static and MTU: default, set for IP, SM & DG under LAN settings and uncheck DHCP server. The rest should be easy. Except I'm not using this as a typical AP.

WDS is out if I have to use WPA2. I'm hoping I don't have to re-flash using a newer version and I'd like to stick w/Tomato. From what I understand of WET and Wireless Client I'd have to know the main router's address range and don't know of any way to find that w/o logging in. Even if I did I can only match WPA2 using AP mode apparently.

Lastly, Q2: Why on earth can't I log back in whenever I set an IP for Tomato? Like and save? I keep having to reset. It's bewildering.

Thanks in advance for any input,


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