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Tower vs Downdraft CPU Coolers - A COMPLETE Guide!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

The debate between tower coolers and downdraft coolers or top down coolers has been around forever. On one hand the best tower coolers have heights that are usually too tall for some cases but downdraft coolers are more compact but they also have a higher price for similar cooling performance. So let's talk about how to choose the best CPU cooler type, the effects on temperature and case airflow.


0:00 - Tower vs Downdraft Intro
1:42 - The Tower vs Downdraft Competition
2:24 - Tower vs Downdraft Design Differences
4:22 - Tower Cooler Case Airflow Considerations
5:26 - Downdraft Airflow Issues
6:00 - Airflow is IMPORTANT
6:43 - Inverse UPDRAFT Explained
7:14 - Why Would ANYONE Want a Downdraft Cooler?
8:38 - Test System & Setup
9:07 - GPU Temperatures Notes
9:43 - Mid Range Tower vs Top-Flow Results
11:38 - High End Tower vs Top-Flow Results
13:51 - Tower vs Downdraft CPU Coolers Conclusion