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Trouble connecting to a bigscreen via analog HD


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Jun 5, 2007
Nebraska, USA
I'm trying to connect my tv to my pc via a component video cable so I don't have to move my pc all the time. However, not all is going as planned. With the new CCC interface (using 9.9), I can no longer find the window that allows me to add custom forced resolution that I need to get the tv to work right. I know the tv supports full hd through component input, but my pc is being stupid and won't let me go higher than 720x576 (which the tv does NOT support). In the device manager the monitor is recognized as a Generic Non PnP device, so I e-mailed the manufacturer asking for a driver (.inf file; fat chance, but worth a try). I want to clone my desktop to the tv when we watch movies, but since my pc won't let me go above 720i (PAL), that would cause my desktop to revert to that resolution.

Can someone please help me? I'm starting to hate CCC.
ATI Radeon 4850
Asus VH222H (primary)
LG 42' 42LB5D (secondary)

Oh and by the way, linux won't even let me mess with the monitor.


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Sep 29, 2009
Are you trying to send a signal out from an S-Video -> Component adapter? I tried experimenting with this myself with my 32" Samsung 720p LCD and my old 3850. I wasn't able to force resolutions higher than like 780 x 480 or something really low like that. I don't remember trying this out before the new driver package, but from everything I read, I think the limiting factor is the fact that I was personally trying to send an HD signal through an SD (S-Video) cable.

If you are looking for the "Force resolution" controls in the new interface:
-> From the "advanced" screen, select the "Graphics" drop down menu and select "Desktop Properties"
-> Select the [Force ...] button at the bottom right of the window
-> If you have the right connections, you should see "HDTV Mode" visible at the bottom as a drop down menu item

That might work for you?


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Nov 15, 2007
Not gonna work. What other inputs does the tv have? You could get a dvi to hdmi adapter.

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