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Upgrade kids PC I built with your help


May 31, 2016
The Netherlands
Hi guys and girls,
Three and a half years ago you helped me coming up with a relatively cheap build for my 2 kids: link to HW Canucks original post
I ended up building two identical ones, so that they could both play and we could play together. The kids play a mix of games, as you'd expect it's stuff like MineCraft, Fortnight, GTA5, CoD MW (my wife had some things to say about the last two.... but the damage was already done).

The only changes I've made is that one of them recently got my old RX470 as I was able to snatch a 3060Ti (after completely failing to get a 3080).

So they now have:
CPU: i5 3470
MOBO: some crappy proprietary board Foxconn 2ABF (don't get me started on that)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 @ 798MHZ
GPU: one with a Radeon HD 7900, one with a RX470
STORAGE: both have 500GB Samsung SSD 840 series
OS: Win10 Pro

So I've noticed that for some of the newer games (luckily not the ones they play most often) even playing on low settings seems to be an issue. We all know that a GPU replacement is not really an option at the moment. I think the RX470 should suffice for a bit, the HD7900 though.......

Any suggestions on what I can do to upgrade here without breaking the bank... well mostly without getting my wife angry? Is upgrading the CPU to something more up to date going to do a lot? Or is the GPU the main bottleneck and they'll just have to wait?

Any suggestions of


Well-known member
Aug 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Hmm I would suggest something like i5-10600, i5-11600, or R5-3600 to save some money. Not sure how PC parts pricing works in your country but Intel 10th series saw some price drop recently in North America. Ideally, I would go for R5-5600X but the price jump between R5-3600 and R5-5600X is pretty big. Of course the performance jump is big as well but if you're on a tight budget, not a bad ideal in my view to go with the slightly older generation.

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