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Upgrading a 200mm fan


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Mar 16, 2007
Ottawa Valley, Ontario
I have an Antec 900 case with the 200mm fan on the top. Does anyone make a 200mm fan which can move TONNES of air and still be VERY quiet when I turn the speed down? OR will I have to make some duct work and mount multiple smaller fans which suit my needs? I tried a couple online retailers but nothing seemed to suit my goal.

I have 2 - 120mm fans in the front, 1 - 120mm in the rear, and I had to remove the 120mm in the window as it was in the way of my cpu cooler. The fans are ok, but nothing special.

FYI I am currently running my E8400 (3.0) @ 4.4Ghz. Seems stable but I am not done testing. I have booted Windows @ 4.66Ghz (with further a voltage increase) but almost instantly crashed upon starting stress testing.

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