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usb wifi nano adapter?


Dec 30, 2010
Did I already ask this? lol....

I want to buy a usb adapter one of these days but there are so many...

Also, there's so many chipsets nowadays and thus, different drivers.

I use Linux and Windows so I have the added frustration of needing to look at Linux support. I suppose most users here are Windows users but I think there's an added intangible of antenna/signal quality and other variables that add to the problem.

I thought these nano adapters would pick up in popularity and demand but maybe not yet? They are good for notebooks but also they might be convenient for desktops, too. Must be nice to have some room and not have a large device sticking out of the usb port? Or maybe that is good for the antenna? Also, some adapters have removable antennas... interesting?

These are the main chipsets in these devices?:
Ralink, Realtek (really common now!), Atheros

For laptops, this varies with Atheros, Realtek, Intel and maybe Broadcom being the main ones...

So, I am suuuuuuuuuuper confused and don't know which one to pick but I the usb ones are mostly limited to the first three above (ralink, Realtek and Atheros). I was leaning towards realtek since they are the only chipset that are in the nano usb adapters so far. But, they don't have the best support so far either.

Any thoughts or recommendations on an adapter?

I thought maybe a pci card might be a better idea because they might be more reliable but the portability does have an advantage but if the pci card means less dropped signals or something that means a significant advantage than I seriously have to consider more options.

Thoughts? Oh, I know wired solves all problems but it would be nice to be able to lose a wire sometimes and I can always use a wired connection when it's necessary... :biggrin:

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