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using car stereos aux to play music?


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Oct 3, 2011
Except my Civic is old enough that it doesn't have Bluetooth. OH Well. AC doesn't work on it either, so in warm weather like we're experiencing, it's windows down, which makes it hard to listen to music anyway.


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Feb 7, 2019
Side note even with native bluetooth support not all headunits will play music over a bluetooth connection. My 2004 Outlander I had refitted with some JVC Arsenal series headunit around 2008 (I did the door speakers and more myself) but I had specifically picked that head unit because it supported music over bluetooth among other things and I was commuting a lot so hands free calling etc was really useful.

Roll forward to the 2012 frontier and even though it an SL with the upgraded rockford system it still doesn't support music over bluetooth so I nomrally play over aux... however you guys just brought up a really good point and aux is even rapidly dieing and my new phone I just got doesn't have a headphone jack either so I won't be able to use it in the truck that way.

One thing about native music over bluetooth support that makes it better than aux or any accessory if you go that way is that is is 2 directional when done right. To skip a song I don't need to touch my phone in the Outlander just hit the next button on the head unit itself and the phone will respond. The bluetooth to aux and other solutions are very much 1 way communication only.

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