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Video Driver Failure Troubleshooting


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Jul 16, 2007
Toronto, ON
Just in now. Wonderful how clean and quick a PC is without all the crap loading into the star menu and running in the background.
That's always the best feeling! Shame it never stays like that once you load back all your applications.

Hopefully that fixes your issues, if not, then I'd be inclined to say it's hardware related.


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Mar 13, 2008
St. Catharines, ON
Well... I've got it stable. However...

Initially, I had said the PSU was good, but, as I was doing open box testing on the fresh install, I noticed the L.E.D.s on 120mm fan "blink" slightly before a freeze.

I pulled the PSU again and brought it to my friend who is an electronics hobbyist. He tested it, and sure enough, it was losing current when the fan went from passive to active. It was enough to screw cause issues, so I've replaced the PSU with an EVGA 850 I got on sale. (This PSU is robust enough that, if all goes well, will be used in my next build).

Thinking now that, since it was the PSU, my 7950 is still all right, I pulled the r9 380 and dropped the 7950 back in, cleaned out the drivers and did a fresh Catalyst install. No good! The 7950 is pooched. It had a slightly audible whine (noticeable with the case open) and simply crashes the second I tried to run Fur or Valley, regardless of the settings and even trying legacy drivers.

Pulled it, dropped the r9 380 back in, etc., etc. and sure enough, can run Fur Stress for 30mins and runs Valley Bench on Ultra no issues.

So I've got it working again it seems although I am sad to say that the bench scores with my 7950 were better than my r9 380 by a good 20%, but I'd rather have a slower card that does not crash obviously.

I'd just like to thank you all for your help and advice. It was appreciated!

Happy_Stable_Canuck :)