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Want to Sell Viewsonic 22" 1080p vx2233wm


Oct 12, 2009
Toronto ON
Manufacturer site

Hi guys, just got a bigger monitor to go with the rest of my upgrade so this monitor's gotta go:thumb: Like always, used in a pet free, smoke free, virtually dust free, idiot free environment (my basement). The panel has never felt a finger before, not a single stuck/dead pixel, not a single scratch or blemish on the entire thing. I actually don't think I've touched it other than the power button since I've installed it lol, needless to say mint condition like new:haha:

Bought at bestbuy in February for 200+tax, asking $150, feel free to make an offer.

Comes with dvi/vga cable and original box. EMT only, buyer pays shipping from Toronto. Local pickups always welcome. As many of the BST forum regulars know, I'm in the process of upgrading so I've got no setup atm so there's no shot with the monitor displaying anything, but I did find an old pic showing half the monitor on (from an old ad, you guys can track it with tineye:bleh:)


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