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Vstarcam IP Camera - Worth the Shot??? So far yes


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Dec 1, 2011
GTA, Ontario, Canada
A couple years back I purchased a Vstarcam Sold at CC thinking it was worth the shot for a cheap IP Pan and Tilt Camera.

I opened the box I looked at the sparse documentation it came with and how cheap feeling it was. I decided to just return it thinking not worth the trouble.

Now couple years later, I still see this brand sold at CC. Well does that means that it may be worth the trouble now?

So the other day I bought one but this time a 360 degree camera fixed C61S For $45. On the shelf it said $50 so yeah. It has 1536x1536 res and wifi too. I cabled it though and did not try the wifi.

I set it up using software IP camera finder on Vstarcam website to find the IP address of the camera and Port number and setup it with Blue Iris. The web interface is good too.
I had trouble figuring out how to setup the camera to get still images first but googling helped. There is a website with Vstarcam URL links for getting vid streams and pics.

Well it works and the image quality is alright. Only 15FPS max though.

I will upload a image of it later but at $45 I am not complaining. It is like 43$ USD on Aliexpress I think When I did a general search using Google. So CC is better locally bought and serviced.

How long should it last? Like the IR lights? IDK

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