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Want to Sell Watercooling and storage stuff for sale


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Feb 28, 2007
Wardner BC
I have some stuff thats been sitting in my closet that needs to go. Prices posted are shipped in Canada. I accept EMT(perfered) and paypal.

New Swiftech rad box rev2 $25 shipped

Swiftech MRC 220 with 1/2" barbs $50 shipped

Dlink DWL AG530 wireless card $50 shipped

Vantec Nextar CX external hard drive enclosure $40 shipped

DFI lanparty ICFX 3200 T2RG mobo $40 shipped

OCZ Gamestream 600W $60 shipped

Vonage cordless 2 phone system w/ router $45 shipped

SMC 2804WBR router $25 shipped

PM or email clintandstacey at cintek dot com

Thanks for looking


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Apr 26, 2009
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You need to have a picture of each item and your name included (on a piece of paper) beside each item. It is like this at nearly every forum that has a B/S/T section. Not to mention every time you create a thread in our B/S/T it posts the rules.

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