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Waterloo DBA job posting


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Jan 20, 2009
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Job Responsibilities:
Provide day-to-day support and maintenance for the SQL or other Vendor databases
Monitor database events and proactively optimize system performance
Perform health checks to ensure the integrity of the schema and the data
Perform health checks to ensure the synchronization of database replicas
Liaise with other infrastructure teams to resolve complex application performance analysis
Develop and maintain the database architecture
Develop and maintain the appropriate operational documentation for databases

Experience and Skills Required:

Intermediate to expert knowledge of specific vendor database products such as Microsoft SQL and SAP.
Intermediate to expert knowledge about server hardware infrastructure and operating systems. Server hardware can include specific vendor hardware such as Sun Servers.
Scripting and database query skills
Knowledge of backup strategies.
Knowledge of clusters and high availability technologies.
Understanding of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective)
Knowledge of formal change management and incident management processes (ITIL)