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Weird Laptop Issue, Any Ideas?


Dec 14, 2011
Samsung RF711-S05CA

Bought this Laptop as an open box for the wife at Best Buy, maybe me trying to get a good deal was the issue. 907+tx vs 1299+tax is quite a jump. So when I turned it on, most of the drivers were missing, wireless, LAN, Video, Etc. So I spent a good part of an hour or so getting all of the installed. During this time, the screen was flickering "dim, bright, dim, bright". I assumed it was just the video drivers, when I noticed that the flickering was from the Computer going from AC Power, to Battery Power. It did reduce in its frequency as I installed drivers etc, to the point that it stopped altogether, accept when computer is first started, and anything gpu extensive is running. I would try to run windows rating system in my computer, and it would flicker and eventually stop trying to rate due to error, saying I was running on battery power (I wasn't). Finally it installed after multi attempts. Running off battery, everything runs fine. With adapter it flickers from time to time.
Now, If I take battery out and run off of the ac adapter, it eventually will just shut down. Like the flicker, accept no battery to switch too, and therefore shut down. Thing is, wiggling or shaking the cable from outlet, ac port, or the transformer in the middle, doesn't seem to affect it. just intermittent. I dont get it, could be cable, but I feel like it's a power draw issue. I dunno. Think I'm going to try getting new cable. Any ideas?
Reason I'm not just bringing it back, is their are not any more of this model, and no laptop in the store close to the same specs... other than mac, but they cost 1000$ more. f that.
Any Ideas? Should I abandon it now while I can?


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Aug 17, 2008
Courtenay, BC
You could contact the manufacturer and ensure it is under warranty and ship it back for repair... if you are willing to wait. Sounds like something wrong in the battery circuit. You could go into power settings and see how long the delay is before the screen dims on battery power, and if the laptop keeps telling you it is on battery when it isn't then the charging cct is hooped. That or the battery itself.


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Feb 3, 2007
Lindsay, Ontario
Bring it back. Those specs are not that good to put up with a crap unit. Unless your wife is a gamer then you could have gone much cheaper as I am not impressed with those specs even for the open box price.

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