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Weird Speaker/On-Board Sound Problem...


Aug 5, 2009

I have the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 and the Cambridge SoundWorks FPS2000 4.1 Speakers (they are pretty old but still do a great job).

When they were connected to my old computer sound came from an equally old Soundblaster Live that had a mini-din connector and all was good.

With the ASUS I cannot use the mini-din so I am using the separate Front/Rear connections. I configure the on-board sound for 4.1 the sound from the front speakers is louder than the rear and no matter what I adjust via the SoundMax settings I cannot get them to match. Swapping the cables from front to rear, the rear speakers are now loud and the fronts are low.

Now the weird part that I cannot understand, if I disconnect the rear cable from the subwoofer/amp then I get equally loud sound from all 4 speakers...how can that be?

Do you think the problems is in on-board sound or the speakers? Since originally getting these speakers I have never had to use the front/rear connections so I have no way of knowing if they were bad from day 1?

Do you think I should go down to the store I buy a new soundcard to see if that fixes the problem? The only real reason I would like TRUE surround sound is when I play the occasional game...I do not watch movies on my computer.



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