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Weird wifi problem


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Feb 27, 2010
Okay so I have a Linksys E2000 downstairs and a Asus N-13 usb wifi adapter on my desktop

everything was going fine

for christmas I got an SSD :)bananafunky:)
put it in, set the storage configuration in the bios to AHCI and loaded a fresh install of windows 7 on it

now when im in windows, it doesn't recognise the usb wifi adapter
instead of doind the usual "du-dung!" sound when you plug a usb devide, it does a "du-du-dun" and nothing happens

so I went back to the bios, set the storage configuration to IDE, and loaded back into my old hard drive, now it recognises the usb adapter and I can connect to the internet ??????

but when I switch back to AHCI and boot on the SSD, the wifi adapter doesn't work ??????

all other usb devices work perfectly (keyboard, mouse, usb key, external dvd drive)

help !

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