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What Fans Should Get? And Help Needed In Configuring Airflow?


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Nov 13, 2021

So I'm trying to build my first PC and need help buying the "fans" which ones should I be getting? I have the Lian Li Dynamix O11 XL Casing.

I also need help with configuring the fans to get better Airflow.

Any help would be appreciated. đŸ˜‡


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
Doesn't the EK come w/ their own fans? I do believe they are pretty good fans.
It does come with the EK-Vardar High-Performance Fans. They are decent as far as I know. Maybe the OP is referring to filling out the case fans for airflow, not the fans on the AIO? That case appears not to come with any fans by default. Unless I'm missing something in the specs. Could always order more EK-Vardars perhaps if you want things to match?


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Feb 19, 2008
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^^^^ Right?! was thinking this next Gen / Chipset would completely re-build my system....ok RGB Fans with PWM controllers....need PWM hub that also supports all the RGB....splitters etc...cost of fans etc etc etc....fvck it, going to recycle my Noctuas (no RGB) and my "old" 50w / Channel fan controller :)

In all honesty the RGB I already have on my Mobo n GPU Blcok n CPU block along with UV Tubing is more than enough "bling"....although I have had comments from the "RGB Kids" on Evga Forum that they find my Noctua Rad Fans hideous......

I guess Nascar doesn't look so good next to F1 ;)....but most of these systems Im seeing max GPU temps of 58c ....mine is 46c....its all about cooling once going to custom loop....granted the new builds look great, but some of them are barely cooling any better than a decent Air Cooled system...as they're smaller cases with 2 x 360 slim rads (higher density FPI with high speed lower static pressure "prettier RGB Fans")....but they look nice ;)
OMG I'm getting old !!!!!....the RGB Generation..HA...
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