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What is wrong with HCF? Member's and Staff Options Wanted


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Dec 9, 2006
Calgahree, AB
15 days. To be honest, I thought you would have come back sooner.

Dramatic departure - dramatic return.


This is a thread about what is wrong and what can be done to better it.

And actions speak louder than words.. and all I see here is people not even really contributing much just bickering.

Things that I think need to be done:

1) Current mod status and how it can be improved whether removing old mods and bringing in new blood.
* I don't like how someone who has been here for less than a year like Arin can get that status before others around here.

2) Infraction system but they that is being fixed

3) Actually listening to those who use this site an find ways to improve it and don't say things like "If you are so tired of it then do something"

4) This entire site needs something to bring it to life its long over due and the contests that once were just didn't do anything except bring people here and most left after anyways. Some stayed but not that many.

This is just a small amount to me.

So Gav lets see your actions speak and bring this place back to a whole.


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Feb 5, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Regarding the mod part, maybe other members don't want to be a mod. Plus, i think you have to ask one of the staff in order to be a mod.

I don't really see how this is an issue.


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Apr 11, 2008
Being a mod isn't about being around for a long time, being familiar with HWC or even a reward for good behavior. It is based purely on a persons personality, maturity and ability to deal with problems. There is only a limited number of people needed for this and a limited number of people who the display the desired characteristics. And even if you do, it doesn't necessarily determine you will be asked. There are factors including where you live, what times you are available, your relation with other members, how you conduct yourself elsewhere etc etc etc.

Actually the website is busier than ever enaberif. Just not the forums and that solely rests on the members and what our forum is. You cannot question that we have more than made an attempt to get other people interested in our forums and promote it wherever we can, MUCH more than most other websites. However it would appear that something is holding people back; part of it is Canadian aspect. Only so many canadian tech enthusiasts, and the fact that - in the forums at least - we heavily encourage the Canadian feel.

But again it does mostly rest on the members, YOU guys make the forum, YOU make the topics, YOU determine the content, HardwareCanucks just provides the bandwidth and the forum software. Not to be rude, but if there is issues encouraging people to join and participate in the HWC forum vs other forums it comes down to YOU.

If you have ideas how we can proactively improve participation in the forums I am all for it. I've said this to you many times and haven't seen an idea cross my inbox yet.
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Mar 19, 2007
Except that those are run by HWC....

No one from HWC is asking you to shut down IRC Brain - It has its purpose, and while it may have been used as a meeting place for people who only wished to be shit disturbers at one point - its not like the HWC 4chan :bleh: and as you mentioned it could happen elsewhere regardless.

Yea I know mang , no worries. :biggrin:

Listen , one of my jobs as admin of the IRC channel is to defend it.You know the dealy.

I admit , I was pretty harsh with my reponse , I've had a couple bad days....But I had to do my admin thang....I've chatted with encorp via PM , everythings cool.


I totally agree with those that suggest this is growing pains.

HWC is the best site on the planet , despite some issues....It's not anyones fault , because it really is possible for all of us to get along.Lets just take a step back , have a beer , and relax.

Nobodys perfect , we all have our faults.Lets just 'see past' all that and get on with trashing hardware.



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Oct 5, 2008
Have your mods be more fair. my brother was banned from here unfairly....when he apologized and requested to be allowed to return he was told no. All he did was suggestively remind the mods that they were a wee bit power hungry and bam. He went to a chat line and said sorry and also explained the extensive heat also made him short tempered...that I can clarify.

I can see a temp ban for that.....but a perm ban was way out of line. All it did was prove my brothers point across.

another example is Markone. Almost the same scenario there as well.

Now I am not condoning their actions.....but they proved their points and did it well. The mods here can be a little overzealous in their actions.....and I am sure that they feel that their actions can be justified and that because they are the mods that they are always right. That is never the case. Moderators are human too and they make mistakes. However I ask the mods to do two things.

1.) Reinstate my brothers account. he truly is sorry for snapping at you for being power hungry and wishes to return. You know who he is. he is very sincere about this and I will personally vouch for him. he keeps his word to the best of his abilities.

2.) Try to be a little for forgiving with members. If they do something wrong warn them through a Private message first. If they do not comply....then infract them. After three infractions temp ban....after that then perm ban the person.

If it were not for the fact that he let's me live with him until I find a job I would not have even known about this. he is a very caring and unselfish person in real life......do not throw out a good member for a mistake.

He was being/had been an ass to mods and several members. He deserved to be banned.


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Apr 6, 2010
personally...i think these forums are great! filled with helpful and knowledgeable members!

perhaps I haven't been around long enough to notice anything awry, or maybe I'm not looking in the right places...

1 suggestion: MORE CONTESTS :D


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
I've been AFK for a few days, and actually didn't know this thread existed until this evening when I saw it jump up in the "new posts" otherwise I would have commented earlier.

The "dissenters" are making it sound like the mods ignored them... that (in my case at least) is not how things went down. I heard their complaints, looked at what they were talking about, made my own personal decision on the subject, and went so far as to post my reasonings behind not taking the kind of action they were requesting. At that point, the "dissenters" were well within their rights to either feel out the other mods (which they did) and/or take it further up the chain to Gav in order to express their opinions, but instead chose to make threats of doing what they could to maliciously disrupt the forums in order to get their way. That in my mind was well beyond what I was willing to accept and I quickly informed those members that any attempts to purposely disrupt the forums would result in an immediate permanent ban the status of which Gav would have to ultimately decide. Expressing your opinion is fine. Threatening to disrupt the forums when you don't get your way is not.

On this subject in particular, I'll make myself perfectly clear yet again.......

So long as the conversation is not personally attacking another member, I am not here to play content police as long as the posts are in the off topic area. If the post is outside of the off topic area, and is disrupting a legitimate thread, I'll certainly have a look at it. Perhaps those who are complaining so much should be given the option to have the entire off topic area removed from what shows up on their forum screens and that will solve the whole problem.

As far as moderation goes.... everybody does it differently. My own personal style is to try to do things behind the scenes with PMs, and in most cases I try to avoid handing out too many infractions if the member responds reasonably to my requests. That said.... if I look back through my list of PMs and find that I'm continuously sending out PMs to the same member, I'll just stop trying to resolve the issue politely and start handing out infractions every time I see one (repeat offenders is why the infraction system was put in place). As a moderating philosophy I personally try to let the forums run their own path so long as folks are being civil, I've seen way too many forums where the moderators use a heavy hand which (IMO) ultimately results in a stagnent membership base.

Touching on another mod subject which (briefly) came up.....

Moderating the BST thread is a constant headache, which should (IMO) be completely hands off to staff unless we've got a clear cut case of outright fraud. That's what iTrader is for, and members can make their own decision on the validity of a particular negative rating. Staff shouldn't be left in a position where they're trying to decide which side is being unreasonable when a deal didn't go completely as planned.

Now (and this is my last point), if anybody feels that I personally shouldn't hold the moderator postion, I strongly urge them to contact Gav with their concerns and I'll be happy to step down. Until such time, I'll continue to try to moderate while leaving as small a footprint as possible, as well as attempting to treat every poster fairly and without bias.

Anywise... that's all I've got to say, you may now return to your regularily scheduled programming.


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Dec 8, 2008
I will touch on a few points if possible.

First, Zero.

You talk about us taking the legitimate claims to a 'few member's complaints about one said member.
We have talked to Dan Many times. IT has been better than it used to be, it comes and goes like the ebbing of the tide.

I have only Talked to you Once in a Warning PM. You know the one, I still have it saved along with my 3500+ other PM's here for reference.
Dan is not the only one whom there have been complaints lodged. Your Lack of bedside manner and outright behaviour towards members here has given me and the mods lots of work too.

This is the pot calling the kettle black, and your the pot.

So enough of this personal vendetta that you and select other members have here. We, the staff will do what we see needs to be done. In that more members trust us than do not.
I do appoligize that you were not satisifed in how your mere 'warning' was handled. It gave you no points against your account yet you drag it on.

Yes I agree it may seem unfair that Arinoth was made a mod only being on the site for a select period of time. You do realize that I was given Moderator status at 9 months here but I never heard you complain? We polled many long term and long serving members here at HWC and all of them refused.
I still have those PM's too.
Call me a pack rat, but I keep these things.

As for the site itself. There is not perfection, nor will there ever be. It seems lately that people take personal feelings and grudges and expect at the end of the day the Staff to Enforce their side of things.
That will never work, and that type of enviroment will only inhibit the workings here.
Members have every right to ask for help if they feel they have been treated unfairly or attacked. But in 94% of the Reported posts I see those situations do not exist.

At the end of the day this site has 0 bearing on my life with the exception of a few very good friends I have made here.
I have not had the time in the last 3 weeks to really dedicate myself to working at full capacity, because real life come first.
And real life will now come into play full swing, as you will all see very shortly.

I tried my best for the community, for our F@H team and for my friends here and gone.
And this is where the site now sits with threads like this.

They say if you want the job done right, to do it yourself. Well, I think its high time everyone here reading this thread starts.
You want a good Community? Start working for it. That is what I did when I came here, and that is why I was put in this position while others were not.

Take Care HWC, I hope you find your way.



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Sep 10, 2008
At that point, the "dissenters" were well within their rights to either feel out the other mods (which they did) and/or take it further up the chain to Gav in order to express their opinions, but instead chose to make threats of doing what they could to maliciously disrupt the forums in order to get their way.
the last part of that sentence really bugs the shit out of me.. anyone that even thought of pulling that crap should be removed from the board permanently... shouldn't even be a second thought at that point.