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What is wrong with HCF? Member's and Staff Options Wanted

Sushi Warrior

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Aug 4, 2009
Grimsby, Ontario
I think everyone should really try to post at a certain standard. Put a little bit more time and thought into every post and it would really help the forum be more helpful and pleasant. When a new user comes in and sees misinformation and bad post quality, I think it would scare them off (it would have made me less enthusiastic to say the least when I joined).


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Folding Team
Feb 7, 2009
Edmonton, AB
I was talking with another very respectable member of this site on the phone yesterday, discussing the recent activites. We both agreed the problems were/are twofold;

1) Legitimate concerns over posting quality were brought up by some members.
2) Those members were brushed off by the Mods and no resolution was given.

This then led to some in-bickering and hesaid/shesaid highschool drama which basically fed the troll under the bridge and caused a mountain out of a molehill.

The real question this thread should be about to me is: "Does post quality matter to HWC?" Obviously I feel it does, even if at times I kid and joke about ChrisKWarrens mom (I've decided his wife is better, so no more mom jokes :thumb:) or Pereniums mom (who still is better then Warrens mom :thumb:)

And secondly: Should problems that arise be dealt with in a more transparent way if a concern is legitimate? My understanding was that PM's and the like were sent to mods, plus IRC chats, threads, and the mods basically replied with in all cases (paraphrasing) "Sorry, our hands are tied." Maybe if the 'report post' button had a tacticle feedback, this second point could be alleviated. I'm not sure, however, because the reason given (in previous threads) was that 'No rules are being broken' so this doesnt really fufill the post quality aspect.

I think this whole event could have been resolved by some stiffer moderation towards BOTH parties (the low-quality poster and the people who ostracized him). Burying heads in the sand just riled people (who felt they had valid concerns) up, which led to them feeling they were being slighted and under-appreciated, while the origional concerned seemed to get off scott free. Thus the situation was unresolved not once, but twice. Simply stating publicly that the mods would look into a situation about posting quality and how to improve certain members habits, rather then saying "Sorry, cant do anything, its not against the rules to have bad posts!" would have helped immensely.

To end, my advice to help the forums is mostly to the mods but also to everyone;

Mods: Listen to feedback, but if things start to get out of line, clamp down but explain why. (SugarJ did this perfectly the other day in the avatar thread imo). Dont get all defensive if forumgoers bring up complaints or concerns; They may be right.

Everyone else: Respect the mods, They have a tough job to do, and do it on the free! Realize that this site is not a democracy for political games and drama, it is a tool to help others out. Advice can be taken and left for yourself and others. Quality of posts is very important, but so is humanity towards others including the mods.

And my final point. I enjoy these forums and the majority of the posters on it. Thanks to everyone for their posts, and especially the mods for all their hard work in keeping this place running. Cheers! :bananafunky:


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Apr 5, 2007
Calgary, AB
I dont want to see the BS bickering at all myself and the more it is kept out of my view the better. PMs and such are the way to go.


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006
Excellent post Sagath.:thumb:

Here are a few recent updates that will hopefully get everyone up to speed.

1) It was brought to my attention that the infraction system had no "bite". This was not intentional, more an implementation problem on my end. For a majority of the infractions, we could only issue a warning and NOT give point infractions. This has now been fixed.

2) The mods have tried to be tolerant of poor behavior in the hopes that people would smarten up when given warnings (some have, others have not). In the majority of cases it's going to be the infraction system banning people (based on the forum rules) and not based on the judgment of the moderator. We want to keep things as unbiased as possible. In cases where judgment is called for, the mods will discuss the situation amongst themselves and come up with a collective decision.

3) If the current rules are not sufficient to keep things civil and friendly here, they will be adjusted accordingly.

Overall, I think the atmosphere here is still very friendly and the vast majority of the users are great contributors to the forum, but there's always room for improvement and we are always open to suggestions constructive criticism.:biggrin:



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Jul 12, 2010
I havent been here long enough to know and judge how things were then and now.

Before i register to a new UBB, i usually lingere and observe how older posters respond to newbs. If they're arrogant and dicks about it, i just move on and find a better one. Granted i didnt spend enough time to observe before i register here. But during that time i was lingering and observing, i decided ive seen enough responses to judge and register.

Now for the most part ive been treated well. Not sure if someone has a problem with my postings. I do try to be civil and respectful when it comes to postings. And if im joking around, i make sure i use a smiley face or a wink, etc.

Ive been on forums for as long as i can. Im also on a forum where my real name is mandatory. Not a username, my real name. I dont have a problem with that since:

1. Im an easy going guy, social and i brought up right by my parents :biggrin:
2. Ive been treated well (for the most part)
3. Ive met old/new people from that forum whenever we have an outing (ie meet and great, beer nights, track days, etc).

I like to meet people ive talked to online in real life. I have a better sense of judgement when i meet them. Online and real life interaction is 2 different things to people. The way i act in person is the way i act online. Be respectful and say something if need be.

Im sure most of you guys are great guys. Heck, i had a good experience with one of the old poster's per se. Kruzn was an excellent seller and when he called me and i started to talk to him. I sense he has principles, a good ethic - when he sold me one of his rads. That shows a lot about the persons character.

Im sure the more time i spend here, the more i get to sense everyone's personality.
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Sep 23, 2008
South Shore Montreal
Besides some people maybe needing to take a little more time to make their post more understandable, I have no complaints.

It is certainly far more civil here than on the Hockey's Future boards.


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Dec 21, 2009
North Vancouver
i think you guys want it too clean around here. cuss, spit, swear, who gives a damn. say what you want on any subject, "misinformation" or not , who cares.

BUT, you cross the name calling line, that's where the mods come in.

OR, you say something like "you're wrong, you don't know what you're saying", again, wrong thing to say. you state your opinion on something, i state mine, and if you think i'm wrong, come back with some hard facts, data. prove me wrong without saying i'm wrong. and leave it at that. you're never going to convince an idiot he's wrong anyways.

it's pretty simple stuff.

this point thing or whatever is the dumbest thing i've seen. keep it simple and get better mods.


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May 14, 2007
Grande Cache, AB
Before i register to a new UBB, i usually lingere and observe how older posters respond to newbs. If they're arrogant and dicks about it, i just move on and find a better one.
It does go both ways though. It is well within a noob's capability to take the initiative to try to learn some things before asking/stating.(like stuff in stickies or product manuals/webhsites) If we just spoon feed new members then we are stunting most of their potential. It would be akin to bubble-wrapping your kids and keeping them in a world where there is no pain and everybody is always right and they always get what they want.

The more experienced members do need to be more lax with new members. However at the same time the new members need to keep in mind that they need to learn how to learn without constant attention and do so in a reasonably mature way. If you really cannot figure it out through searching the massive database of information that is this site and the internet in general then yea, fine, ask.
Some (some I said, not all) need to realize that they do not know as much as they think they do; sure most of us experienced users know and have done a ton but we also do not know anywhere close everything. Both new and old users make mistakes or forget.

I have found that being constantly spammed by noobs asking terrible questions(how do I hack?, how do I make ___ faster?, What is a CPU/PSU/RAM/etc?, can I use ____ with ____?, What is this dildo doing in my ear? What is this yellow crusty stuff in my keyboard?, How do I make my downloaded videos(porno clips) less blocky?) really does cause more experienced members on any BBS/IRC channel/etc to develop quite an attitude if it goes on for long enough. Sure ideally they might not want to act that way but once you get worn down it is hard. At that point you either stay because it is just natural to hang around(or you want to try to fix things) or you leave because it has gone too far and you just cannot do anything about it.

In some cases after the old dudes have been worn down, and after most in the community have left the older guys like to troll the noobs. I am also guilty of this a bit. <_< >_> It seems to happen when you are left with just a handful of old core members and are surrounded by noobs constantly assaulting and never letting up and never willing to learn or put any effort into things. Eventually it is just too much and you start giving them a hard time just for the enjoyment of it. And let me tell you, it is most fun burning&BSing these skiddies. >:) At that point the forum/etc is totally toast. HWC/HCF is not there yet.

Both parties need to work in tandem to make things function smoothly. That is the hard part. That is what has not been happening on the forums that you have passed over.
That is what we need to ensure happens here in the future.


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Aug 9, 2008
When i first joined here and right now feel about the same. There were still fights and squabbles (<--- i always wanted to use that word), "trolls", and other unwanted things. In my opinion i find that HWC hasn't change much, old faces gone, new faces appear. This might just be me because I'm hardly involved in any of these discussions. Oh by the way, when i first joined and people talked to me in very excellent grammar and punctuation kinda scared me. I was like oh no, I have to fix up my posts, i sound like a retard!

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