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Whats your latest purchase?


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Feb 12, 2007
Grande Prairie, AB
What specifically did you hate about it?

I've never used one, but just looking at it in costco it always struck me as a tablet that was trying wayyyy to hard to be a laptop. The keyboard alone never looked like something that would be a pleasant experience.

(and yeah.... I looked at that link over on RFD a few times myself.... :) ).
Windows tablets are IMO mostly useless. You can't really use the Surface on your lap. The IGP has always been mostly useless. Plus the fact that it's just slow.


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Feb 7, 2019
The pevious laptop I had for my wife was an intel ultrabook but it was a developer sample so a replacement battery seems impossible to find. I did grab a used surface 2 and yeah not once has she used it as a tablet I don't think. Most of what she does can be done on her phone but somethings are just easier with a larger screen and a keyboard.

My oldest uses it for video conferencing with her class to do reading etc, she does more video conferencing than I do and she is only in grade 1. So it is good for that kind of thing but looking up the price of a new surface 2 no way for how it gets used would I consider it at new pricing it isn't worth that.


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Jul 8, 2009
Edmonton, AB
I actually really like my Surface Pro (2018). It's still a touch smaller than I'd like, but it's light and a fully fledged laptop. It's really a laptop for travelers though, not a desktop replacement. But when I've got to go to a head office in Calgary for a few days or a site in the middlle of nowhere, it's handy and quick to packup, does a decent enough job at MS Office and lets me have a quick way to watch movies in a hotel room.

The keyboard's ok. They've improved a lot from the original Surface and Surface 2, but it's certainly not a mechanical keyboard or anything. The trackpads are still a little weak IMO, but I always have a small mouse in the laptop bag.

They're definitely a 'YRMV' product though, and if I didn't have a proper PC at home, I'd need a more traditional laptop.


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Mar 19, 2007
I just bought 3 Motorola XPR 3500e "walkie talkies" for skiing !!
Don't call em that. They are 2-way radios.


IP67 waterproof, full digital/analog, -30c operation rated...Bluetooth/wifi connectable..... Ski patrols would be jealous.
I had to get a license.....(4 watt xmitt)

Range is 25 (real not 'consumer' ) miles.