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where to buy right angle 3/8" BSP Threaded Barb for 3/8" ID Tubing?


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Jun 19, 2007
I have been surfing and going at the home depot..canadian tire..reno depot..and none of them have that kind of fitting I have found online shop that have those but like there located in UK..there cheap but the worldwide shipping is a little too mutch for 4 little fittings.

Do you guys would know any place online possibly in Canada where I could buy those kind of fittings I am looking for 4 of thoses.

3/8" BSP Threaded Barb for 3/8" ID Tubing.
For use with ThermoChill Radiators.
Angled at 90 Degrees to save space.

Like show in this image :


If you guys know any places online that sell those let me know.
Metal or Plastic at this point it dosen't mather but metal would be my choise.

:help: :help: :help:


that's gonna be really hard to find in Canada if you can't get it at a local hardware supply store. 3/8 BSPP is not that common in N. America afaik... :(