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Which is the best keyboard to buy for gaming purpose?


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Jul 16, 2019
I am an enthusiast and a professional photographer and like to play the game in my free time. So, can anyone suggest me a keyboard that will be best for gaming and also long last? My budget for the keyboard is 2000 Indian rupees.


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
I haven't been keeping up on gaming keyboards lately but a couple of years ago I bought a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard and it drives me crazy with the clicky sound of the keyboard when I type. Before I bought it, I didn't realize that would be a concern for me but I wish I had shopped for one with quieter keys. People who just game like to have that sound to confirm that the key has been struck but if you're a typer as well, it can be pretty annoying. Something to consider if that might be an issue for you.

Easy to search for recommendations for quiet ones:



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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I did a quick conversion of Indian rupees to Canadian dollars via Google and got about $37 CAD. If the pricing is the same comparatively in India that makes your budget tight for anything in mechanical keyboards, gaming or otherwise.

I have had several and have been happy with my current Cooler Master (MasterKeys), and previously Logitech (G710+), and a custom mechanical one. But as I said those aren't going to be an option in your price range.

Hardware Canucks did a review on YouTube very recently (sorry can't link it at the moment) of I think it was a GSkill $50 USD mechanical keyboard that they thought was decent for the price. Has genuine Cherry MX Red key switches which is nice for the price. Reds aren't my preference, I like Browns, but that is subjective to the user.

In your price range you are likely looking at a membrane keyboard rather than mechanical. Nothing wrong with that. Perhaps something like this might be a good option depending on availability in your area and price:
Cooler Master Devastator 3 combo

Asking what is the "best" keyboard is like asking what is the "best" restaurant! ;) Lots of different opinions. But there are some OK options out there regardless of budget.

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