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Which radiator? (issues)


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May 28, 2008
Okay, so I would like to watercool a new PC, with a 120x3 rad mounted on the top spots of a Cosmos S. The issue is it doesn't support the PA 120.3 or the MCR320. Note: This will be a low-med fan flow setup.

This leaves me with the black ice radiators. I had my eye on the black ice pro III, but apparently (I can't find it in stock) it isn't available in Canada for who knows how long.

So my options are:

-Find it in Canada (ie. didn't look hard enough/ special order)
-Buy it in the US.
-Buy a black ice replacement (may be the Stealth?)
-Mod the case to support either the PA 120.3 or MCR 320 (may be)
-Change cases to support the PA 120.3 or MCR 320 (extension of above)


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Aug 2, 2007
Kitchener, ON
You should have no trouble with an MCR320. Swiftech's specs claim that it has a 19mm fan hole spacing, but that's a misprint, it uses a 15mm hole spacing just like the Hardware Labs radiators. And yes, with the low-med fans, the MCR320 would be your best option.