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which ssd?


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Jan 30, 2012
Port Elgin Grey/Bruce
Vertex is in the HTPC atm and unbuntu and Elementary support trim, You have to enable it, it is not enabled by default. Thanxs for the info guys.


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Sep 12, 2009
Sault Ste Marie On.
ok.. it was actually longer (just timed it, 30 sec inc bios etc which is not affected by ssd speed) cold boot is 12. :)
Muuuch faster than my last ssd and fairly in line with any benches I've seen. How long does it take for yours to get past the bios?

Erm.. basically I have it set in AHCI with all the nasties (indexing, temp files etc) disabled or on the hdd.. nothing major, just the standard precautions against unnecessary writes.
Actually it's the stuff in AKG's thread on ssd's.
Thanks. My good buddy,and we all know who that is, told me that the bios is included in the boot time. For some stupid reason I doubted that, so I asked here to make sure. I really thought I had a bunked SSD. Now I'm happy. After the bios load, it's about 10 seconds for Windows to load. Thanks for the confirmation.