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Why data caps suck!


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Dec 31, 2012
Well I was looking for some Hellsing, The Tick, Megas XLR, you know some cartoons and anime I used to watch when I was a kid (ok well Hellsing was more in my teenage years lol)... says they find some videos but "Unavailable" look at the American version and voila... it's there. So I just watch them on my computer.


Feb 26, 2013
If you are selling Internet service to someone and you are charging him for 5 megs download speed then you should have the 5 meg download bandwidth to give him. ISP's have been over selling their products for so long that people have come to accept the rip off.

I told my ISP person when he told me about their acceptable use policy that well I hope you understand when I can't pay what I said I would pay because I also have an acceptable pay policy. Baby needs a new pair of shoes!!!!!!!!

Corporate has been using their acceptable rip off policies for years now it's time for the rippy to start standing up for his policies.

But just about everyone has come to accept corporate culture which is bend over stupid. With out knowing it we have all become third world cotton pickers with a two work vocabulary; yes sa maser. Well that's three words but you get my point. And you people with that high credit score, how the heck are you still walking cause you are getting it from every angle. And if you don't take it, well down goes your score, right or wrongly.

Most of America's dept is owned by american pension funds lets see who gets mad when that shoe drops.

We are starting a wisp and my son told me that we could over sell the product cause most people don't use all their bandwidth. He said this to me in a lowered voice cause it wrong. I told him that is standard pratice in the world today but that corporate said it's ok.

If you work for a corporation there is a chance you might not go to heaven. lol

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