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Why Didn't AMD Talk About THIS? RX 6700 XT


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Oct 2, 2006

Today, the Main announcement was obviously that Radeon Anti-Lag now supports DX12 games, not just DX9 and DX11, and that’s not it, the company added motion-adaptive VRS support for DX 12 too.

I’m kidding, obviously, The Radeon RX 6700 XT was officially unveiled a couple of hours ago. It is priced at $479 USD or I'm guesstimating, 650 to 699 CAD and it’s currently the baby of AMD’s RX 6000 lineup. Now all we got were AMD branded charts, which we’ll look at in a moment, but the Reviews will be going live on March 17th, one day before they become available for purchase.

As the leaks predicted, it’s Navi 22 based, it has 40 Compute Units so 2560 stream processors. in terms of clock speeds, the game clock is at 2424Mhz and If we look at memory, we can expect a good 12GB of GDDR6. Oh and the TDP of the entire board sits at 230W.. Strange but we’ll look into that in a few.

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