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Why is this Corsair Vengeance RAM not supported on any mobo?


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Jan 18, 2012
Ok the build is complete while everything is running smoothly, sure enough the RAM is running at only 2133. I must admit, i'd really like to get that running faster but I've heard some horror stories with people using XMP with Ryzen builds, and especially Gigabyte mobos which I have. What would be your suggested way to bump up the speed without using XMP?
Why don't you want to use XMP? The 'problem' is that you have 4 sticks - it doesn't matter what mobo make or memory you have - when you have 4 sticks, it doesn't 'behave' with Ryzen systems. It's also not a very common configuration. I have online searched this stuff...I have an idea to have virtual machines so I tried to research this situation. That's all that is going on.... if you tried with 2 sticks, you'd probably be up and running - (meaning specified speeds or very close to it) did you try this yet just to confirm?

I forget the specifics but it's the way Ryzen/AMD and memory work when it's 4 sticks... you have to do more manual tinkering. Eventually, it will work. Corsair and G.Skill are both very good - and you picked a good mobo. Just be patient and google search this - and you will find some answers. I just can't recall what you do, exactly, but you probably have to make some manual settings changes. Nothing complicated. You might check the Gigabyte forums and try a youtube video search for using 4 memory sticks with Ryzen.

P.S. the 2133MHz speed is also common to start from (i.e. OOTB defaults). I forget which mobo make it is but they list in their QVL, that exact (starting) speed along with the other specified speeds that have been tried/tested which worked.


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Aug 21, 2008
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I'm running my Corsair Vengeance RAM on Ryzen 2 using the 2933 XMP profile and I have zero issues. I'm running 2 sticks though, so perhaps that is a difference as mentioned? I know that quite a number of Intel platforms require a slight bump in voltage for 4x RAM sticks to run without issue, could be a similar situation here. Try 2 sticks, and if you have no issues, then check the voltage requirement on the RAM and set that manually in the BIOS and try 4 again.


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Nov 1, 2018

Just an update for anyone else with the same issue; it should be noted that my experience was very limited (this was my first build. I had never even been in to BIOS settings before!) Anyway I quit being such a wimp and went in to the BIOS and set XMP in the BIOS to 3000 left everything else at auto and ping! my RAM runs at 3000 :) ....well technically 2998 but hey - it's a hell of a lot better than 2133. Very happy...not to mention relieved. Thanks for all your help :) Can't believe how easy this was, I shouldn't have got so spooked out by horror stories.
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