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Win 7, XP Dual boot


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Feb 10, 2008
Calgary, AB
If you had Windows XP already installed and running, installing Windows 7 to a different partition should of took care of all the boot loader issues.

I'd question if your XP install or partitioning was proper.

Since it sounds like both are clean installs, start again with XP. Make the necessary partitions during the XP install. Then install Windows 7 on the other partition and all should be good.
I somehow fixed it.. Instead of installing Windows XP, I deleted the partition which Win 7 was installed on, and re created it (from win xp disk management utility).. this time instead of making it a primary partition, I made it a secondary partition, then installed Win 7 on the secondary one..

Reboot, and hey it actually shows the dual boot option.. Not entirely sure why the primary partition never worked.. Oh well, this is just temp for now, now that I've paid for my college fees, waiting to gather up a little $$ and actually invest in a SSD..

Thanks anyways to everyone.. :thumb:

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