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win7 connect disconnect sound


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Jan 30, 2012
Port Elgin Grey/Bruce
Here's an issue that started 3 days ago. Whenever I boot into win7 64 bit home I am getting the connect and then a few seconds later the disconnect sound. This goes on for 5 minutes give or take then it stops. I have looked in task manager and proccesses and have shut everything off that starts on windows startup via msconfig startup. Still happens and can't see what is causing these sounds to happen. Did full system Mbam scan and superantivirus also.
Can anyone suggest a utility that can keep a log of my system @ startup so I can see what is going on?


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Oct 3, 2007
try booting into safe mode to see if it still happens , also look in you sound configuration ( right click on the taskbars volume control and select sound) look check which sound scheme is running . personally I turn off the windows sound stuff accept for the start up sound.

is it actually the start up shut down sound or is it errors sounds , it could be some sound just telling you the it is checking for updates.
Any thing new installed on the system? if so open it up and see if there is a sound configuration in there.

the msconfig isn't the best way to turn things off or on if you really want thing to not run your best bet is to go in the the services and turn off or set things to manuak.
but like I already said before anything boot into safe mode and see if it still happens


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Jan 7, 2009
This reminds me of two things:

A device (maybe USB device) which is
1. either behaving oddly (the plugs, cable or the hardware isn't working) - but this is unlikely - it would happen all the time, not just after a boot, or
2. the PC is loading something (drivers?) every time it boots, disconnects the device, configures it and reconnects it.

Another similar issue (it wasn't causing a connect/reconnect sound, but similar boot up oddity) was when I had one of those bad broadcom network cards on an old dell motherboard. It would connect and disconnect when booting up, and I never knew when I had a network connection. Ended up disabling the network card on the motherboard and getting a network adapter card I plugged in.

Has there been any changes in hardware lately? Any updates or changes in software?


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Feb 23, 2008
right click speaker icon in tray then select sound

Still happens and can't see what is causing these sounds to happen.
then in sounds play them and find the matching sound to issue