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Windows 7 Black screen with cursor - Solved, but just FYI


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May 31, 2010
I solved my problem, but I just wanted to post this because I had a heck of a time trying to find the solution to this one.

Short Version: PC boots to a black screen with a mouse cursor when there is a blu ray disc in the drive.

Long Version:

Basically, I wan't to rip some Blu rays to my HD, so I inserted a Blu ray movie and installed the necessary software: ffdshow, ripbot, avisynth, haleisplitter(sp?) and anyDVD. Then I had to reboot for anyDVD to finish installation.

When I did, I got a black screen with the mouse cursor. I could move the cursor, but not right click, no ctrl-alt-del etc. So, thinking that I had a virus from one of the files I just installed I booted into safe mode and updated and ran MBAM, my favourite anti malware software. It found only 2 trackers and nothing else. I was then able to boot into regular mode. The next time I shut down, I got the black screen again. WTF!? :angry2:So I did a sys restore in safe mode and still got the black screen.

I scoured the internet and found that lots of people had this problem but there were lots of causes and no general solutions. Eventually on like the 27th page of some random thread about the problem one guy mentioned that he gets the black screen with a blu ray disc in the drive...... I removed the blu ray disc and it now works just fine:shok:

Turns out it just won't boot into windows with a blu ray disc in the drive. it's fine with a CD or DVD or DL DVD, but not a blu ray...

End of the day, I had done a lot of "customization" and driver updates and such last night and my restoe point I tried was from before that. So I spent about 2 hours screwing around trying to fix the problem, and now I will spend another hour re doing all the stuff that I undid with sys restore. :censored:

Hope that helps someone else!

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