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Windows exp rating drop after combo switch


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Jul 14, 2009
It might be a problem with the processor and RAM working together. Like JJThomp said "The reason it i lower is because SB prefers 1.5v ram sticks, yours are 1.65v. I can't remember why this happens but you would see a performance boost if you changed to a 1.5v kit."
Near as I can tell, that right there is pure uninformed BS. I've overclocked the snot out of 2 different cpu's 2500K and 2600K on 2 different Z68 mobos, 1 low/mid level Giga, and the somewhat higher level ASUS in my sig, with pretty cheap Patriot 1.65v RAM, [email protected]

I reserve the right to withdraw my statement upon being provided a link with definitive proof :biggrin:

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