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Windows explorer constant crashes


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Feb 6, 2011
So my dad has a toshiba satellite laptop running vista 64bit. I have done some searching around and it seems like registry errors could be the cause of my problem. Windows is completely upgraded but windows explorer just crashes when you try to open it like 70% of the time.

If the problem is my registry key can anyone point me to the right registry cleaner. I see a bunch but I don't like to facecheck links so I'd like a program that we know is safe.

If you do not think the registry is the problem please tell me what is I can build computers and kind of fix them but software is not my forte.

Also repairing the install is not a good option because i don't have the vista disk but if this is the only way I will accept that and convince him to buy a new computer lol

Also viruses I guess are a possibility but we had symantec endpoint protection but we switched to microsoft security essentials because our friend who is an IT guy recommneded it. So if viruses are an issue I guess I should pick up AVg but my virus protection seems to be working fine so I personally dont think it is the issue.

EDIT: New update pretty much every program is crapping the bed about 50% of the time making me think it is the memory... I'll run memtest after I run some errands.
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Jun 3, 2011
registry cleaners wont solve your issue. download the iso and just verify the hashes prior to putting it on a usb/cd for a repair install. plenty of places offer public links that contain the msdn iso. otherwise you can try to diagnose the issue which is a real pain for the that specific process.