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Windows explorer replacements: Download Squad


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
I have never tried an explorer replacement and I'm not sure I will to be truthful, but if someone esle wanetd to play guinea-pig....:thumb:
"Windows Explorer replacements abound

Posted May 11th 2007 2:00PM by Grant Robertson
Filed under: OS Updates, Utilities, Windows, Office, Productivity

If you're an advanced Windows user, you've probably developed a serious hate for Windows Explorer, the built in file management tool. It's weak, it lacks advanced features and most users don't realize it can be replaced.

Lifehacker recently took a long hard look at Xplorer², a tabbed and efficient alternative with a slew of keyboard shortcuts. Xplorer² is definitely worth a look but, if that doesn't tickle your fantasy, here's a short list of other alternatives."

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