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Windows was unable to start


Sep 18, 2007
Ok... what the hell? I built the PC from scratch right, I finlay got my 8800 GTX OC, got everything connected, installed Windows Vista Ultimate in 64-bit, when it's done installing it says "Windows need to restart"... I say "Ok windows, you can restart, good night, I can't wait till you get back online so I can instal photoshop!"

The PC restarts.... "Press any key to start from CD/DVD drive", I don't press anything since I'm "pretending" I'm gone and see what the PC would do by itself. BAM! "Windows was unable to start" then it gives me a bunch of options like safe mode, and normal, and others... I tried all of it... nothing. ok ok, what if I make it start from CD? BAM! Same thing, oh... and when I press normal mode, it has that little windows loading thing, then restarts the comp, it's been doing that for the past 30 mins now, for some reason I think it'll hurt its feelings if I leave it restart that often in the loop, I think it learned its leason, I'll shut it off now.

But I checked on the web everywhere to see that it all means, nothing... bunch of people saying "I rearranged my RAM and it works :clap: " and like, "the next morning it was just fine! :haha: "

Could you help me have a happy conclusion so I can add one of those happy emoticons too?


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Apr 5, 2007
Calgary, AB
Something is unstable, probably mem, please list system specs and any changes you have made to BIOS.