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Wireless sharing problem


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Aug 28, 2007
Alright so this is my setup DSL Modem/Router(with wireless)>>>Dlink Router>>>All the comp in the house.
now can someone tell me how to get computers that connect though the wireless on the network because rite now only wireless computers can talk to each other and wired, i realize this i because of the 2 are seperate router but does anyone know how to make the DSL router talk to the DLink.


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Jan 23, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Hey kcksteve,

I have a simiular setup except my wired router is attached to my cable modem and then my wireless router is attached to it.

I've done these kind of setups with both D-link and Linksys modems.

The problem is the Dlink is treating your DSL router like the internet.

You need to find out if you can turn off SPI or stateful packet inspection on the Dlink, that's the firewall. You don't need the protection on the Dlink because presumably the DSL router is protecting your entire network in that sense because it's the direct connection to the internet. Of course I am assuming you are at least using WEP encryption on the wireless other wise you may want to leave the firewall on your D-link and manage the connections by allowing specific port forwarding, I believe D-link calls that virtual servers.

The other thing you may have to turn of is NAT, all addresses behind the Dlink will come out translated to the WAN IP so anything attached to the DSL will only see the one IP. If you turn off NAT though you have to make sure the computers attached to the dlink don't conflict with the address schemed of those attached to the DSL. For instance they can't both be 192.168.1.x networks... Personally I use 192.168.1.x for my wired and 192.168.10.x for my wireless.
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