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World record attemp this winter!


Aug 19, 2017
Yes my friend, i already pretest some e8400 775 this Summer whit insane result, 7,893 on superpi 1m at just under 6ghz on dry ice and after some binning i have find some better chip. The best one do 5ghz cinebench r11.5 at 24 ambient at 1,376v and scale like a beast. I work on efficiency a lot end 32m

I need to put my Hand on ln2 first, and i find some stick of Dom 7-8–7 hyper and Ep45t extreme, so i have to
Put my time on 2 platform, one ddr2 and one ddr3.

The hard part, i need a least 720 fsb 1m stable :shok:, my ud3r does about 670 fsb on dry ice at 1/1 ratio, but my ram pass 32m at 750 so 1500mhz on 2/3 ratio:whistle:

Im so impatient to test my new Ep45t extreme, i need the help of the guru oc there for work on my efficiency.

I post it from my cell, when i’m from my house i post some News of my works all long advancement