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Worried about moving files


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Jan 22, 2013
Hi ! I run a mechanical hard drive 750GB capacity, Win 8.1

i download a lot of movies, series, music.... (everything is legal). So everything i download lands in the same general folder "Downloads". I like to have clear folders, so i wanna creates folders like : "Movies" "Series" "Music".

But i heard that moving frequently "large" file through different folders frequently (on the same disk) might reduce HDD lifetime.
I think (not sure) Win 8 automatically runs "Disk Defragmentation" when it's needed. If it's the case, is that enough to ensure good lifetime on HDD ?
If not, what are my option to have clean folders without reducing HDD lifetime ?

Thanks, i tried to be clear, if you want more information, let me know
(i posted the same thread in Hardware section cause i wasnt sure in which category it fell)