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WTB Hard drive brackets from LIAN LI PC-201B, PC-V2000, PC-V2100


Jul 23, 2007
Okotoks, AB
I'm looking to buy the hard drive racks as show in image below

The "Internal 3.5" drive bay x 6" is what I'm interested in

A lot of you guys remove at least 1 set to add rads.
I'm interested in purchasing 1 set as well as the rack mounting screws and the specialised HD mounting screws (24 of them)
the image above is from a PC-201B but it is the same for the PC-V2000, PC-V2100, PC-76

I'm modding my existing rig to hold 18 hard drives:thumb:

My heatware is MadHacker link: [ HEATWARE.com ], only 1 positive so far, but no negatives and want to keep it that way...

If you have a set to spare... PM me with a price... I'll probably take it if it is reasonable...