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WTB: P5W DH or D975XBX1/2 and 2x1Gb RAM


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Oct 9, 2008
Quebec City
Due to a unexpected deal on a E6400, I'm looking to get a cheap motherboard with 2 PCI-E like a Asus P5W DH or a Intel Badaxe (1/2 doesn't matter, if it's 1, AA# D27094-304 or AA# D29532-303 is required so no 302 please) for 40$ shipped top (for a future multi-GPU box when money become less of a issue). looking for a cheap DDR2-667 2x1GB set for 25$ shipped. If you can make offers within 10$ of my asking price, I'm open

My heatware is under Xilikon.
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