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Want to Buy / WTT for a low-profile, PCI-E Gfx Card with S-video out

Mr. Gruntsworthy

Well-known member
Sep 16, 2008
Courtice, ONT
I made the mistake of buying a 4550 from a local store without first confirming that the card had an S-video out on it rather than an HDMI; because the site showed the card as having it.

My question is; does anybody have a low-profile ATI PCI-E card with S-video out that they will trade or sell to me? I am willing to trade my current HD 4550 (passively cooled) if necessary. My tv is not HD, so I need an analog connection to it :(

Oh, and one thing: It needs to be local--Durham Region; if possible Oshawa. I'd also be willing to GO train it out to Toronto, and meet at a TTC station; but unfortunately I do not do online money transfers and purchases (it's a personal choice/preference).

If anybody replies, we shall discuss business :ph34r: