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X1950XT crashing


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Mar 30, 2007
Rouyn-Noranda, QC
I have the following setup.

DFi nF4 Ultra-D
Opteron 165
Sappphire X1950XT with OMEGA driver (based on cat 7.12)
corsair 620W psu.
windows XP pro SP3

i have reinstall windows and all the driver yesterday and played BF2 for 3 hours. then shut down the computer.

i woke up this morning and start the computer has normal. played BF2 and within 5 min the screen went black and sound continued like normal. then pop up windows telling that VPU recovery has occured.

i reboot and same thing happen ...

after my clean install of yesterday (before installing the vga driver) i had ghost my computer. i put the gjost back up and installed the last offcial cat 8,5. again same thing happen

i took off the video card, put out the coller check for thermal pase, clean it off, and put some new MX2 thermal paste. but hell its still doing the same thing.

this does not occured only in BF2. running the artefact scan of ATI tool does the same thing has well has Age of mythologie, and all Source base game ...

in fact i have no more idea what to test.

does my card seems to be faulty??
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Jun 12, 2008
Card is failing

I had the exact same issue with my ATI X1950XTX which was running Crossfire with a ATI X1959XTX Crossfire. Once I determined it was the X1950XTX failing I contacted ATI technical support who verified it was the card and they asked me to send it back even though warranty had expired and they sent me a new card free of charge. All is well now so it must be a comman issue for them to replace my card when no under warranty.

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