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Want to Sell X58-I7 930 and more, need some monies!


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Aug 14, 2009
Edmonton Ab
Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my old system for a few upgrades. Prices are not final and do not include shipping, they are also just a throw out as I know people don't like making initial offers.

So please feel free to make me offers. Pst, I want a GTX 780 ;)

I will and can only accept, COD and PayPal. I don't have E-transfer as my bank is lame like that.


Core I7 930 $300
EVGA X58 X3 $300 Edit:(Sorry, i found a typo, this was suppos to be 300.. sorry for the confusion..:doh:Still negotiable tho.)
EVGA GTX 480 $200
12 Gb of patriot 1333 DDR3 ram (will sell with board at no cost) $100
750W PSU Corsair TX750M

Oh and for those wondering, i will sell the entire lot here above, for $770

Selling: (not part of the system and as is)

GTX 8800 w\ Aqua cooler (broken!) $80 (that's with shipping)
GTX280 w\ WB no stock cooler $200

I have the original box for the 480 and the Motherboard(somewhere) with all the extras....I think.

Aside from that I also have a GTX 280 with a WC block on it, no original HS. It does work, but I cant test it as i took my loop apart. I also have an old ( BROKEN!!!) GTX 8800. But it has a completely working ASUS Aqua cooler on it.

I have other bits n pieces as well, including some WC stuff i will post later.

Specs CPU GPU RAMSystem
Corsair PSU
GPU GTX 280 & 8800 Aquatank
Broken part on GTX 8800
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Jan 17, 2008
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Thread cleaned. If you have a helpful comment on the price, please keep it to PMs only.