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Xpenology 6+? vs the others.


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Feb 7, 2019
I have messed around with some synology devices, and I have an older QNAP i just got my hands on and even some 7 bay Thecus devices I have not really had the time to mess with beyond knowing one has a dead slot. They are however all older model that do not support newer software revisions. I had hope of overwriting the Thecus OS's however the models (there are writeup about converting them to freeNAS) however these ones turn out have missing features needed to do that.

I have some access to some retired servers and I was thinking of just building something from scratch, and shoving the pile of drives I have accumulated from these devices to build out the features that I want.

I have the most experience with Synology as it is even what is used in the office and some of the dockers and other plugins I have used would be useful even at home. I found a lot of FreeNAS > Xpenology 5.X posts but not nearly as much comparison with 6.X+ and Xpenology discussions here appear to be non-existant from what I found. I'm tending to lean that was just due to a little more familiarity with the DSM OS but I'm not really sure if that is the right reason moving forward.

Not even sure if Synology/Xpenology supports everything i'm thinking of but I need to start planning this out in more detail.

-Transcoding (optimizing backups for kids tablets to be exact device resolution to keep quality up but sizes down)
-Probably a steam cache server
-eventually some kind of security hub. Waiting till spring when I intend to trench a gas line to the garage for heat and i'll trench some conduit to run some CAT6 at the same time.
-Archival data (Photos etc)

Going to knock out a wall in the utility room soon and get the rack placed where I want it. The door feel apart to the utility room anyways so perfect excuse to make the opening larger and start doing what I need to support this.


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Jul 17, 2011
I have been meaning to see how far along it has come in a VM but haven't had a chance yet. Part of the problem is most updates just don't work and you need to wait for special versions. More or less working with stolen goods hacked bootloaders :p

Last time I tried I couldn't even get it to boot lol.
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Jul 16, 2007
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I had used Xpenology on a Jetway Atom D525 board way long ago as my "backup" NAS, and it worked seemingly fine, but it was really just file storage.

I've since moved it to Open Media Vault instead (Linux-based, not FreeBSD) on my old i5 2500k and some Chinese motherboard, but again, strictly file storage. With OMV I installed SnapRAID and UnionFS plugins to give it a little bit of redundancy but not much.

From my standpoint, OMV runs a lot quicker off a USB drive than FreeNAS did, and SnapRAID/UnionFS are really light weight without chewing through RAM.

However, for your use case, I think you should go with a supported OS, be it FreeNAS, unRAID or Open Media Vault. I don't think it's worth running a "hacked" version of Synology DSM.

I still have an actual QNAP for my day-to-day NAS though.

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