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You guys rock.


Aug 4, 2007
dude its cold up here in the winter, but you should be allright with yer puters on!


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Jan 1, 2009
Orillia ont
I cant get over how awesome this team is:clap:. alot of people are getting nice PPD. I'm ranked 30th on the team and getting 10,000 PPD, Good news I'm predicted to pass 3 people in the next month, Bad news I'm getting passed by 5 people in the next month, I'm going backwords:blarg:, Oh well It's all good. I cant wait to see where we are this time next year.
I hope those of you with with dedicated [email protected] rigs have a cool spot for them this summer ( Spare room, Garage/Shop, Room or corner in the basement, Shed). I made a room in our unfinished basement right next to our 200amp breaker panel so I have 2 15amp breakers just for my PC:thumb: and room for 14 more breakers if needed:haha:. Last summer I folded half the summer with my pc in my 8x8 bedroom on the 2nd floor of a house with no AC, Talk about hot. Them moved my PC to a bigger room on the main floor with no AC, Still was hot but better. Right now the temp in my room in the basement is 15c and at night goes down to 10-12c so its great for folding, Not so good for sleeping brrrrr, But better than 30+c. I think my PC in the basement will be perfect for [email protected] this summer, If it gets hot I can maybe vent the hot air out the dryer vent:haha:.Way To Fold Keep it up guys, Top 10 here we come