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Hi sir, i might be interressed in the Ergotron LX but i need the exact number model please. Thanks alot, Louis
new pc builder here i was wondering if i would be able to put my laptops seagate 500g hdd in my new build so i don't have to buy windows /transfer all my stuff over thanks in advance.
1) CPU + Mobo + RAM + SSD package
- Asus P8 Z77-V Pro Motherboard
- Intel i5 3570K CPU (Stock CPU cooler as well as a Thermalright heatsink with mount kit for LGA1155, no fan)
- G Skill 16GB RipjawsX (F3-1600C9B-16GXM) (2x8GB)
- Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD
Selling these items as a package - Asking $250 Shipped

Is this still for sale?

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