ASUS RT-AC87U & RT-AC3200 Routers Review


Setup and Installation

The setup process both routers follows the exact procedure. Why you can use the included CD and do things the old way, ASUS has streamlined the installation procedure and now all you need to do after plugging in the router and the various cables is either simply try to connect to any website or type in (or if you want to go old school) and you will be redirected to the Quick Internet Setup that is now built directly built into the firmware.

If you are worried about having to do this via a wired connection, don’t be. These routers come with default SSIDs of ASUS_5G and ASUS, for the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks respectively (the second 5GHz connection also gets its own SSID with a ‘2’ appended to the end). All default networks are open and thus no password is needed so all that’s necessary is to connect to one of these networks via a wireless connection. Of course the old fashioned wired connection works as well – but who has time for cables?

With literally half the battle won via pre-configured options, all that’s left is to go through the Quick Internet Setup before you will be allowed to actually connect to the internet. The entire process of finishing the QIS will take mere moments and when it is complete; you will have multiple working networks and most of the basics taken care of. ASUS claims a 30-second configuration, but this is being overly optimistic. A more realistic time frame is a couple minutes. However, if you do use more advanced features, configuring them should only take a few moments thanks to the these routers’ easy to navigate and clearly labeled interface. Once again, ASUS deserves to be commended for this.

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